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Funding of Investment in Overseas JV / WOS

Key Takeaways : • Methods of funding for investment in overseas JV/WOS • Capitalization of export proceeds • Investment in equity of companies registered overseas/rated debt instruments • Acquisition of foreign company through bidding...

The Benefits of Expo 2020 Shifting to 2021

Key Takeaways : • Impact of COVID-19 on Expo 2020 • Sectors impacted by the Expo • Benefits of conducting the Expo in 2021 • Impact on Investments, International Relations and Employment

What are the provisions governing maintenance of Registers under Singapore Companies Act?

Key Takeaways : • Maintenance of registers under Singapore Companies Act • Electronic register of members of private companies • Registers maintained by the Registrar • Registers maintained by the Company

What are the new reporting requirements in CARO, 2020?

Key Takeaways : • Enhanced reporting requirements in CARO, 2020 • Significant changes in CARO, 2020 • Matters specified in Auditor’s report • Comparison between CARO, 2020 and CARO, 2016

When non-residents are not required to file tax returns for income earned in India

Key Takeaways : • Charging section for taxability of non-residents • Incomes of non-residents for which no returns to be filed • Conditions to be satisfied for non-filing of returns • Representative assessee and...

Write off, Pledge, Transfer of Investment in Joint Venture/Wholly Owned Subsidiary/Step Down Subsidiary

Key Takeaways : • Post investment activities • Write-off of capital and receivables • Transfer by way of sale of shares • Pledge of shares

Position of Real Estate in UAE

Key Takeaways : • Residential and Office Market • Transactions of Top Developers • Current Market Outlook • Impact of COVID-19

IFSC Regulators: Reserve Bank of India

Key Takeaways : • FEMA regulations relating to IFSC • Scheme for setting up of IFSC Banking Units (IBUs) • Permissible activities of IBUs • Rupee Derivatives at IFSCs

What are the important measures taken by SEBI in response to COVID-19?

Key Takeaways : • Relaxations from disclosure requirements • Relaxations for fundraising • Relaxations from compliance norms • Relaxations from regulatory compliances and other measures