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Practical Issues in Transfer Pricing

Key Takeaways : • Common Issues in Transfer Pricing • Issues relating to Transactions and Specified Items • Issues relating to Comparable and Assessments • Issues arising pursuant to Covid-19

What are the new reporting requirements in CARO, 2020?

Key Takeaways : • Enhanced reporting requirements in CARO, 2020 • Significant changes in CARO, 2020 • Matters specified in Auditor’s report • Comparison between CARO, 2020 and CARO, 2016

When non-residents are not required to file tax returns for income earned in India

Key Takeaways : • Charging section for taxability of non-residents • Incomes of non-residents for which no returns to be filed • Conditions to be satisfied for non-filing of returns • Representative assessee and...

Investment benefits for individuals and HUF opting for New Tax Regime

Key Takeaways : • New tax rates • Benefits available in new tax regime • When to opt new regime • Comparison of tax regimes

Analysis of “Fees for Technical Services” and its Taxability

Key Takeaways : • Analysis of the definition under the Income tax act and taxability • Implications under DTAA • Understanding of make available clause and most favoured nation clause • Taxability when no...

What falls within the ambit of Royalty?

Key Takeaways : • Analysis of definitions in Income tax act and treaties • Taxability under the act and treaties • IRoyalty vs. Business income • Illustrative Cases • Judicial Precedents

Permanent Establishment & Business Connection and it’s Impact on Taxability of Business income

Key Takeaways : • Understanding Permanent Establishment and Business Connection • Attribution of Profits • Interplay of Permanent Establishment and Business Connection • Illustrations and Judicial Precedents

Offences, Prosecution and Penalties Under Customs

Objectives & Agenda :Import of all kinds of goods and the export of goods on certain situations attracts customs duty. The Customs Act,1962 contains provisions which govern the levy of customs duty. In this...

Economic and Tax Measures for Revival against COVID-19

Objectives & Agenda :The deadly virus COVID-19 has already started to impact the economy. In view of fighting against the effects of the pandemic on the nation, the Ministry of Finance of India has...

Offences, Penalties and Prosecutions under GST

Objectives & Agenda :To check if the levy and collection of GST is in order, there also needs to be monitoring of offences committed by any person in contravention to provisions of this Act....